Director of Technology Integration

Whitestown, IN

Primary responsibility:

The Director of Technology Integration is the leader in the use of technology in the classroom as a tool of learning as well as overseeing the infrastructure to support technology throughout the school. He/she will lead the effort of integrating technology that is appropriate for the grade level and content. He/she will lead and equip the faculty and staff in the appropriate use of technology so they and their students can flourish and facilitate the charge to challenge and educate students within the framework of a Biblical worldview while leading them to a personal faith and transformed life in Jesus Christ. 

Reports to:The Director of Technology Integration reports directly to the Head of School. This includes monthly reports to the Head of School and Board concerning the goals and progress of the school in the areas of responsibility. This person serves under the policies found in the Employee Handbook.

Position Goal

The Director of Technology Integration will be responsible for the provision of appropriate, readily available information technology supporting business applications and for IT assets which are physically located on TPCS premises. 

Educational and Experience Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred 

  • IT relevant industry certifications preferred

  • 3-5 years of experience in IT field required

  • Technology integration in an academic setting preferred

Qualifying Characteristics: 

The Director of Technology Integration is a Christian with an authentic and a mature personal relationship with Jesus Christ in both their professional and personal life with a calling and commitment to Christian education. The ideal Director of Technology must have the desire to work closely and nurture a positive relationship with students, teachers, parents, staff, school administrators and community members. The Director of Technology Integration must demonstrate respect for all students and community members. The ability to exercise good judgment, set a good example and comply with school standards is a must as well as the ability to deal with sensitive and confidential issues in a tactful and professional manner.

Must be able to address concerns and offer suggestions in an appropriate and confidential manner.


1.      Christian School Leadership Responsibilities   

1.1. Model honesty and integrity of character in Christ.

1.2. Live an exemplary life as described in the faculty handbook and employment contract.

1.3. Model and lead in all aspects of relationships and duties a reality that is consistently filtered through an integration of faith and learning in a Christian worldview.

1.4. Apply effective interpersonal skills to build consensus and foster passion about Christian educational excellence in the school.

1.5. Ensure that the children know you have a passion and a vision for students.

1.6. Serve as a positive Christian example to the all school faculty, staff, students, and families of the school.

1.7. Arbitrate disputes and distinguish among the various publics of the school when appropriate by introducing and consistently applying scriptural reconciliation remedies (Peacemakers).

1.8. Share the good news of God’s love in Jesus with students and parents in the various forums open to the Director of Technology.

2.     Academic and Business Responsibilities

2.1. Be the technology support and integration leader for the school. Develop the most effective applications of technology in the business functions and instructional activities of TPCS. Specifically, this includes classroom technology especially display and printing technology as well as input technology such as document cameras.

2.2 Be responsible for the Microsoft-based technology at TPCS. 

2.3. Lead in the development and implementation of technology integration in each area of the school in areas of integration and appropriate use as it enhances the learning or business.

2.4. Give specific design oversight to the structure of the wired network infrastructure.

2.5. Lead as needed in all student evaluation and testing in concert with other administrators.

2.6. Assist teachers with academic problems as appropriate and called upon by fellow administrators. 

2.7. Lead as necessary in the regular training and professional development in the areas of business and instructional technology integration and use. 

3.     Financial Responsibilities

3.1. Monitor all appropriate school expenses against the annual budget. 

3.2. Manage within the limitations of the approved budget.

3.3. Asset management of physical devices and software licenses.

3.4. Manage IT reporting systems such as trouble ticketing for efficient allocation of manpower resources.

4.     Administrative Leadership Responsibilities

4.1. Assist in the daily operations of the school in the areas of technology integration in the classroom and the office. Be a leader in the area of STEM educational methodology at TPCS. 

4.2. Assist in the development and implementation of educational strategies and implementations based on meaningful data and testing. 

4.3. Manage the infrastructure for technology for TPCS which is appropriate to his technical responsibilities. This includes managing all volunteers and/or vendors that we use to support our technology within the school. 

4.4. Develop positive and meaningful relationships with students, parents, community and church leaders, educational leaders, etc.

4.5. Contribute to overall communication with the school family using technology as a tool. 

4.6 Assist with crisis coordination in emergency situations including data backup and recovery as well as server security.

Physical Requirements:

Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time

Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

Exempt Status: Exempt, salaried

Work Schedule: 12 months